Understanding the Process of Houston Roofing Replacement

Ideally, a well-maintained roof should last for years without serious sign of wear and tear. Due to environmental factors and the poor quality of the roofing material however, the lifespan of your roof sometimes fall short of expectation. If after thorough roof inspection, you find your shingle to be in need of replacement, ensure that you are prepared and familiar with the roof replacement process.

Whether you hire professional roofing technicians to do it on your own, the steps for preparing your roof for replacement still apply. They are important and will go a long way in terms of appearance and longevity of your new roof. These are meant to have a smooth transition from an old leaky roof to a brand new one.

Getting your roof ready for replacement

Houston roofing replacement needs inspection of the things that would be affected before replacement takes place. If it shows that some rotten piece of plywood needs to be removed and replaced, then you need to cover your furniture, clothing and bedding. This is to ensure that no debris falls into your household stuffs. The roofer will tear open the rotten part and some rusty nail or plywood debris would fly out in the process.

Once your get the inside of your house prepared, it’s time that you go outside and move or cover the potted plants, furniture, grills or whatever that might be damaged from falling debris. It’s also advisable to move your car somewhere so contractors can have a space to move new roofing materials.

Removing the old roofing materials

Before the roofer and install the new roof, it is imperative that the old one is removed down to the last piece of rotten plywood. Also, you might want to remove other things before your roof becomes ready for replacement. You might start by setting up the roofing jack to handle all your roofing materials together and keeps you able to walk safely.

Removing the old roofing materials

This process is done by inserting a putty knife or roofing shovel under the damaged shingle to loosen the ridge caps that hold it down. Not all nails would come off on the first try but it is alright. Just continue getting all the shingles off. Be aware that the shingles could be very dirty and heavy so they are not easy to remove.

Installing the shingles

While shingle installation is not the easiest, it is by far the simplest of the procedure in Houston roofing replacement. This step involves lining up the bottom of the first row of shingles with the bottom part of the starter row ensuring that the seams are staggered. With that row done, you need to be aware of the reveal. This is the part of the shingle which is not covered by the one above. Nail right into the shingle, and adjust the calibration on your gun or the pressure of your compressor so the nails pull the shingle tightly to the decking but remain flush with the surface.

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